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A Scene-Graph-API based on Aura (see We are programming in C++ and will support Linux and Win32-Platforms. Scenes which are in 3DS-format can be imported. Other modifications include gameprogramming-algorithms.


08.08.2002 Forum to discuss your problems here.
08.08.2002 Short Instruction how to use STL-Port or not use it

The following features are currently being developed:

Download the current (pre)release (19.07.2002) choose a mirror (less than 3mb)

A short instruction on how to use the code:

  1. compile the projects in VC++ in the following order: aura, 3ds, jpg, test
  2. the test.exe will be in the lib-directory
  3. look into the main.cpp of the test-project to see how the scenegraph is used

Important Notice:

If you encounter any kind of problems or need help, contact us. (our emails are in the readme of the last release)


preliminary documentation, sorry but the more complete one will come in a week
Look here for a current releases, CVS-Trees, etc...
If you have problems with STL-Port or never heard of this before look at this solution.
Forum to discuss your problems here

Idea and guidance by Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Westermann from the Scientific Visualization & Imaging Group of the RWTH Aachen




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